Second Edition of the Journal

Article 1: Editorial: Building Blocks for the IAR’s Second Issue (click to download)

Article 2: Tramadol misuse and dependence in Egypt and the UAE: User characteristics and drug-use patterns (click to download)

Article 3: Executive function in opioid-maintained patients as measured by easy-to-administer fluency tests (click to download)

Article 4: Narcotics anonymous relative to the problem of opioid addiction in Iran (click to download)

Article 5: Evaluation of vietnam national training programme on methadone: assessment of physician needs (click to download)

Article 6: Determinants of Internet Addiction in a Sample of Egyptian University Students: A Survey (click to download)

Article 7: Select Abstracts of the 19th Annual International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) Conference: New Frontiers,
Abu Dhabi, October 2017 (click to download)