First Edition of the Journal

First Edition of Journal

Article 1: Substance Use Disorders and their Importance to Healthcare (click to download)

Article 2: Commentary on "Substance Use Disorders and Their Importance to Healthcare: Key Findings From the 2016 US Surgeon General's Report" (click to download)

Article 3: Innovations in behavioral treatments for substance use disorders (click to download)

Article 4: Changing patterns of substance abuse: Analysis of lab test results of a patient cohort at The National Rehabilitation Center, Abu Dhabi, UAE (click to download)

Article 5: Addiction Medicine Education: Alberta's Stepped Approach (click to download)

Article 6: Brief Communication: The virtual doctor will see you now: evaluation of a pilot elective in telemedicine for addiction trainees and role of tele-medical education in addiction fellowship (click to download)

Article 7: Problematic Internet Use and Internet Addiction in the Arab World: A Review (click to download)

Article 8: Selected Abstracts of the 19th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM), Abu Dhabi 2017: New Frontiers (click to download)